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Other services: adventure tours, night tours. Planning of different hiking itineraries in order to satisfy the needs of our guests wishing to hike, according to their interests, age and constitutions/physiques.

Locations of hiking: West-Mecsek landscape protection area. Natural or built sights to be visited: West-Mecsek landscape protection area, announced in the year 2009 (a part of which is Abaliget), provides visitors with a lot of opportunities to familiarize themselves with the natural values of the region!

In the area of the pension: a grassed courtyard proper for outdoor frying, games and sports as well as a parking place for 5 vehicles are also available for our guests.

Pension Beppe is located outside of the inhabited zone situated about 1 km far from the centerof Abaliget, and 100 m far from the public road, where 1 or 2 families having a desire for silence and quietness live on and have occupied the hills.

Visitors are welcome in our newly built guest house, in which there are four rooms and separated bathrooms belonging to each room. A large grassed area, which is suitable for outdoor games, pertains to the guest house. Our visitors’ pets (doggies, pussies) are also welcome. Moreover, if necessary, we can provide both a summer accomodation and a pasture for your horse.

Review on Abaliget:

Abaliget is situated 18 km far from town Pécs, in the northern-west side of Mecsek Hill. The village is located in a valley open to the north. The village is bordered by slopes from south, east and west. The northern and western slopes encompassing the resort village are covered by large, connected woodlands. Tempearately warm summers and mild winters are peculiar to the climate of the area.
The village can be reached from several directions both on public road and railway. The village has been one of the top holiday villages of Baranya county for decades. Cave therapy and good air of the area produce an especially good effect on people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases.
An outstanding sight of Abaliget is provided by the stalagmite cave, arising in shelly limestone a half million years ago, which is the longest stream cave of South-Transdanubia. Its 466 m long main branch can be visited. However, its reach, which is longer than 1 km along with its side-branches, is still under excavation. The cave was qualified as a medicinal cave in 1998. The average temperature of the cave is 12,6 Co and its humidity is 90%.
The first notes on the cave date back to the year 1820, when prebendal bailiff of Bicsérd named Vince Kölessy took down his experiences in the Scientific Collection and he also prepared both the ground plan and the transverse section of the location. In the course of archeological excavations, various tools made from animal bones were found. Those findings suggested prehistoric people’s living there. The fauna of the cave is very rich: unicellulars, rotifera, nematodes, annelids/ringed worms, molluscs, crayfish, centipedes, Plusiocampa spelaea, Lepidocyrtus aggtelekiensis, spiders, fishes, amphibians and bats live in the cave.
The cave has been visited since 1950. The two artificial lakes of Abaliget are fed by the water of the cave. Visitors can use those lakes for boating, swimming and rod-fishing.

The brief history of the resort village

Abaliget is known to be a settlement of Celtic origin. A naked statue of Venus as well as cremation graves of the Roman age were found. The village was established by the Aba clan in the 11th century. The prefix of the name of the village comes from the personal name ῞Aba”, which means ῞Father”. The first written notes on the village date back to the year 1332. Its independent parish suggested a significant place. The Roman Catholic Church of the village, built in the copf style, was constructed in 1796. The altar-piece is a work of art prepared by Karl Bachmayer.